Bukit Mabong

Map showing Bukit Mabong District, in Kapit Division.


Bukit Mabong is Sarawak’s newest District. It covers an area of 11,976 square kilometres and is the fourth district in Kapit Division after Kapit, Belaga and Song.

The new district has total population of roughly 22,000 people living in 117 predominantly Iban longhouses.

Kapit Division was formed on 2 April 1973 covering 38,934 square kilometres (larger than the largest state in peninsula, Pahang 35,960 square km) and is the largest of the administrative divisions of Sarawak.

Sarawak now has total of 40 districts including Bukit Mabong. The new Bukit Mabong district officer, is Douglas Pungga.