GST gimmick billboard.

GST gimmick billboard.

KUCHING: The Sarawak Royal Customs Department collected RM2,280,474,922.63 in revenue last year, an increase of 134 per cent or RM1,306,254,067.24 from 2014.

State Customs Department Director, Dayang Fatimah Johari said the Goods and Services Tax (GST) was the major revenue contributor with RM1,625,070.057.22, followed by export duties (RM262,616,052.55), import sales tax (RM99,554,736,49).

The balance was from the sales tax, excise duty on exports and imports, import duties and services tax, she said in a statement, which was issued in conjunction with the state level 34th World Customs Day today.

She said RM162,198,558.81 had been collected up to January 25 this year.

Dayang Fatimah said a total of 26,649 companies had registered for GST from April 1, 2015 until Jan 27, 2016.

She said through operations codenamed ‘Ops Jejak GST 2016′, the Sarawak GST division had registered 20 companies, while 11 companies were fined a total of RM75,000 for committing various offences under the GST Act 2014.

On cases of confiscation, she said 605 cases, valued at RM7,573,696.48, were recorded last year, involving a tax of RM20,538,232.26.

Dayang Fatimah said that among the items seized were vehicles, with seizures worth RM2,275,064.10 and a tax value of RM2,494,633.75, followed by cigarettes worth RM1,762,342.85 with a tax value of RM15,758,517.49.

“Other items were alcoholic drinks, with seizures worth RM729,929.97 with a tax value of RM1,818,551.18, while fireworks were worth RM314,069.21 with a tax value of RM196,303.87,” she added.

She said a total of 189 people had been charged in court for violating legal provisions administered by the Customs Department, involving fines of RM669,539.80 last year.