Dede Koswara / pix PRFM

Dede Koswara / pix PRFM

Dede Koswara dubbed ‘Tree Man of Java’ who was admitted to Hasan Sadikin Hospital in Bandung recently died days later.

According to Detik News an Indonesian site Dede Koswara 46, passed away around 3.30 local time on Saturday 30, 2016.

The news of Dede death also reported in various regional sites including Bandung radio station PRFM

At the age of 37, he almost died of the rare disease inflicted huge tree-like growths that had encased his limbs for 20 years.

He gained famed worldwide after his plights was featured in a Discovery documentary.

Dr Rachmat Dinata, leading the team treating Dede at the Hasan Sadikin Hospital in Bandung, West Java, in April 2008 said: “Five years from now, he would have been dead.

“He had lots of very active bacteria in his lungs. If he hadn’t come here, and instead had lived his life as he had, with bad food and not enough of it, then the disease would have spread quickly.”

Dede survived longer than his Doctor had predicted.

The intensive treatments have allowed Dede to beat the infection – albeit temporarily.

An X-ray quickly revealed that the immune deficiency stopping him fighting the warts had also allowed a potentially deadly TB infection to take hold.

Dede showed off his new ability to grip a pen, a feat that had been made impossible by the foot-long “roots” that previously covered his hands.

But the growths have now begun to return to his hands and feet, closing up the gaps between his digits leaving him unable to carry out basic tasks.

He manages to smoke at his village on the outskirts of Bandung in West Java by balancing the cigarette between his first and middle finger, but has lost most of his dexterity.

Dede Koswara

The tree-like growth on Dede hand and fingers.