Campaigning in rural Sarawak is an arduous journey for opposition candidates without helicopters.

Visiting longhouses in the sparsely populated rural constituencies such as Mulu, Belaga and Murum – as it involves hours of longboat, four wheel-drive travels passing rapids, fast flowing rivers and slippery logging roads.

In a typical day, assuming it shines all day, they could make it to three or four longhouses before nightfall. And for BN candidates, they would have covered the entire constituency!

To compound the odds, these days, if it is not public holidays like Gawai Festival and Christmas, these longhouses often empty, except for the elderly folks and school children.

That again lies the problem. In most cases, these elderly folks are often hardcore BN supporters, make one thinking if it really worth the efforts reaching out to these peoples.

The young, tech savvy generations – the one most likely to support opposition parties, have long gone, migrating to towns and cities to seek greener pasture.

Thus, partly the reasons why BN still continue to have the upper hand in rural constituencies.