Pix of passengers that board the missing copter near Sebuyau today.

Pix of passengers that board the missing copter near Sebuyau today.

Since 1989 at least 20 peoples (including VIPs) had perished with only a few miraculously survived helicopter crashes in Sarawak.

That’s real scary record. The latest report of indicated a helicopter carrying VIPs was reported missing yesterday, May 5 2016, while en route from Betong to Kuching.

It last record location by radar was somewhere near Sebuyau – where a copter crashed in 2012.

Among the six peopleS on board the missing helicopter yesterday were Deputy Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities Noriah Kasnon and Kuala Kangsar MP Wan Mohammad Khairil Anuar Wan Ahmad.

Let’s all pray for their safety. Helicopter has help the Barisan Nasional a lot when campaigning in rural areas of Sarawak – where accessibility is often only the river and logging roads.

Here are list of copters incidents involving VIPs in Sarawak over the past 27 years.

Dec 18, 1989: A Nuri helicopter carrying 16 army officers, including Maj-Jen Datuk Mustaffa Awang and Brig-Jen Datuk Hasbullah Yussoff, crashes in bad weather near Sungai Lundu, Sarawak, killing all on board.

Sept 9, 2000: A helicopter on a logging mission crashes in Belaga district, seriously injuring two New Zealanders. Pilot Smert Donald James, 43, and Richard Mills, 41, suffer broken limbs in the 3pm incident.

July 17, 2003: A Bell helicopter crashes at Mt Murud. The incident happens within minutes after taking off from a timber camp located some three and a half hours drive by road from Lawas town. The pilot and SIB Sarawak president Kalib Besar are killed.

July 12, 2004: Seven people, including Dato Dr Judson Sakai Tagal, Marcos Raja and senior officers of Sesco, die when the Bell 206 L 4 helicopter they are in plunges into a mountain.

Aug 16, 2004: A Nuri helicopter belonging to the RMAF goes down 15km North West of Mt Murud while ferrying troops from 20 RAMD to Ba’Kelalan. Three people are killed while seven are injured.

Sept 3, 2004: A Bell 206 helicopter crashed in Kuching division, killing all four on board. The privately chartered helicopter crashes 70 km from Kuching, just five minutes after take-off from the airport. The personal bodyguard of the then Natural Resources and Environment Minister Adenan Satem and the private secretary of Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Alfred Jabu are among the four dead.

June 18, 2005: An MHS Super Puma plunges into the South China Sea while ferrying 11 SHELL and contractor’s staff to the B11 gas production platform in Bintulu. All on board survive the incident to tell the tale of their ordeal and how their aircraft sunk to the bottom within minutes.

July 2005: A Bell L-4 helicopter crashes in the mountainous region near Long Singgut, Ulu Baleh, killing three while one survives. The crash site is a day’s journey upriver from Kapit.

Sept 3, 2005: A logging KAMOV KA-32 model helicopter crashes and bursts into flames in Kapit Division during heavy rain, killing three Russian nationals on board. The pilot, an engineer and a mechanic are killed.

Jan 30, 2007: A Super Puma L-2 helicopter belonging to the Malaysian Helicopter Services plunges into the rough South China Sea with eight offshore crews and two pilots. The helicopter goes down at about 2.30 pm between the D-35 and Bayan platform. One passenger is reported missing while the rest are rescued, about 80km from Bintulu.

June 25, 2010: An Erickson Sky Crane, used for carrying logs, crashes in an aerial logging mishap about 50 miles south of Long Akah in Ulu Baram. American pilot William Charles Scott dies while American co-worker, David William Bergin, survives with spinal injuries, bruises and knocks.

May 1, 2015: The door of a helicopter carrying Women, Family, and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim suddenly flungs open in mid-flight from Sibu Airport to Kampung Igan. Rohani and her aide hold the door in place for about 10 minutes before landing safely.