The newly completed pedestrian bridge linking Medan Jaya to Assyakirin Commerce Square are meant to save life.

At least two known cases of people died after being hit by cars crossing this busy road.

Assyakirin Commerce Square as seen from the pedestrian bridge.

The first was on May 28, 2011, around 8.30pm. A 30-year-old man was knocked down by a car while crossing this busy road.

He was pronounced dead upon arrival at Bintulu hospital.

The second case took place almost at the same spot, involving a teenager aged 15 years.

Hed died on the spot due to severe injuries on his head and several parts of his body.

“These two cases should be taken as a warning particularly by pedestrians when crossing busy roads,” said then, Bintulu police chief Supt Madang Usat.

The bridge not cheap

It cost taxpayer RM6,386,386.60 to build the fancy pedestrian bridge, which approximately 90 meters long and six meters wide.

The bridge has two platforms measuring 700 sq meters each and a bus bay – for passengers drop-off and pick up.