Bintulu unlike, Kuching, Sibu, and Miri were not known to offer wide ranges of food choices.

But that has changed drastically in recent years – with the opening up of several new commercial centers.

Pan Mee, for example, was something we couldn’t find in Bintulu a few years ago. Now they are everywhere.

One of our favorite pan mee is the curry pan mee (pan mee kari) available at a stall in Nu Hotel food court.

If you never heard of Nu Hotel, that’s alright. It just officially opened last few weeks – though the food court already in business earlier this year.

Beside pan mee, you also sample varieties of food from some 10 different food stalls in the food court.

Nu Hotel located at Assyakirin Commerce Square, across the street from Medan Jaya.

Nu Hotel food court. There are several food stalls to choose from in the food court.

The couple that serving our favorite curry pan mee.

Plenty of choices.