Murder of North Korean Kim Jong-Nam attracted a lot of media attention worldwide and hundred of them throng to Kuala Lumpur due to the incident.

However, despite busy covering the case, gathering every detail on the death of Kim Jong-Un estranged brother, a group of Japanese pressmen proved why Japan’s reputation as a very clean country is well-earned.

Bernama reporter Amirul Mohd Sajadi witnessed the Japanese culture of cleanliness (seiketsu) and pristine discipline (shitsuke) first hand at the compound of the National Forensic Medical Institute at the HKL.

As night falls, the congregating local and foreign media gradually leaving for homes or hotels as many would have to come back to the hospital early the next morning, he said.

Somehow, after packing his bag and about to leave, Amirul said he spotted only a group of Japanese pressmen remained at the hospital compound.

They were holding a plastic bag – collecting rubbish strewn all over the area.

“I feel ashamed of myself as I’m local,” he said and what shocked Amirul the most was that they not only collected the rubbish but also make sure it was disposed off properly later.

Perhaps we Malaysian should emulate the Japanese cleanliness culture he added.