Bintulu District Education Office (or PPD) is reportedly investigating a case involving a teacher in the district allegedly hurting a pupil.

Bintulu PPD deputy officer Fred Entau told a local daily they are investigating the case.

“For the time being, I can’t say anything about it. We have to carry out the investigation first and verify this case with the school,” he told The Borneo Post.

The case went viral after the father posted a photo of his son, with a red stain on his shirt (allegedly blood stain) after being slapped by his teacher.

Screenshot of the post made by the parent alleging his son was slapped by his teacher till bleed.

The post has seen being shared more than 200 times at the time of writing on Facebook.

A Facebook user by the name of Rudy Aboll Acai, claiming to be the school Parent-Teacher Assosciation (PTA) chairman, posted on local newsgroup Bintulu New, that the case had been resolved after meeting “with the police, parent and the teacher involved”.

However, it is understood that Bintulu District Education Office has not officially received any a report on the matter.

Rudy Aboll Acai also informed that a PTA meeting, likely discussing the matter will be held today Feb 25, at the school.

Screenshot of Rudy Aboll Acai post pleading Facebook users not to viral the case