The mango tree (pix above) is as old as Malaysia and Sarawak.

No kidding, it was planted before Sarawak joined Malaya, North Borneo, and Singapore to form Malaysia.

“I used to see this tree when I was about 10 years old when we live in a government quarters next to it,”

“What a survivor!” said Mahmud Yussop, a retired civil servant, and avid Bintulu historian.

A Survivor! Not so fast! The site on which this mango tree stands had undergone a lot of changes, physically over the last few decades.

This aerial picture of Bintulu town is valid for the period late 1950 – early 1960’s.

Today, it is in danger of being fell, as the surrounding area is a construction site.

This time the little mango tree – that is as old as Malaysia will not be able to survive.

Although we might not be as old as the mango tree or Mr. Mahmud himself, we feel that it worth saving.

Historical or otherwise, any tree, fruit tree is worth saving. Therefore we urge you to support Mahmud’s ‘Save Bintulu Historical Mango tree‘ campaign.

Perhaps, together we can let the authorities concerned know.

They certainly could make some alignment, shift the alignment of the new road to preserve the tree.

Picture of the mango tree a few years ago.

Picture of Bintulu Mango tree taken January 2017. (Pix Mahmud Yussop)