A government agency clerk and his sister-in-law were arrested in Sibu yesterday morning after posting and sharing false news.

“On Feb 24, police were notified of the posting, warning that a group of student thugs from SMK SibuJaya were assembling illegally at Town Villa, SibuJaya, with the intention to fight and commit violence.

“The posting added that the situation was creating a public nuisance to residents of an apartment block in the area,” said state CID chief SAC Datuk Dev Kumar in a press statement.

The Facebook posting, which appeared at about 11pm Friday, also carried several photos showing civilians and students in school uniform.

SAC Dev said the photos turned out to be parents sending their children to school.

A team from CID Sibu said because of the posting, police dispatched a team to the area yesterday.

“The Facebook account holder later posted another status accompanied by three photos, thanking the police for resolving ‘the matter’.

“No such thing ever happened.

“We are not amused by this false news. A police report was subsequently lodged against the false posting,” he said.

At noon yesterday, a team from CID Sibu arrested the 20-year-old unemployed woman and her 45-year-old brother-in-law, a clerk with a government agency.

“The woman said that she saw the posting on her brother-in-law’s Facebook. She copied and pasted it onto her WeChat without veri­fying it.

“The brother-in-law gave the excuse that he saw a group of students in front of the school and assumed they were going to fight,” said SAC Dev.

The case is being investigated under sections 500 of the Penal Code and 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998.

The false story posted by a Facebook users in about student thugs in Sibujaya on Feb 23.

The false story posted by a Facebook users in about student thugs in Sibujaya on Feb 23.