A teacher at Sekolah Kebangsaan Nanga Telawan, Belaga reportedly still missing after he fell into Rejang River.

The victim, Micheal Usat Ewang, 59 and his wife Sating was on their way back from visiting a relative funeral at Punan Sama, about 20 minutes away downriver from SK Nanga Telawan.

The incident occurred at 1 p.m yesterday. According to the victim wife, their longboat was hitting a floating log.

The impact rocked their boat and thrown the victim off balance, then fell into a fast flowing Rejang River.

Punan Sama village located downriver from where the incident happened. (File pix)

The wife, fortunately, was unhurt and she immediately alerted the school authority and nearby village – Punan Sama, to mount a search party. But still couldn’t found the victim till last night.

According to Bintulu Fire and Rescue Department, they are sending a team to Belaga, to joining a multi-agencies search and rescue (SAR) operation and expected to arrive at Belaga later today.

Micheal has six children and was hailed from Punan Ba village, about one hour and a half longboat ride from SK Nanga Telawan, where he was teaching.

Location of Punan Sama and SK Nanga Telawan and approximate location of where the incident happened.

Location of Punan Sama, SK Nanga Telawan on Google maps.