Five government hospitals in Sarawak, including Bintulu Hospital, have marked up the fees for first class and second class treatment by 50 and 25 percent respectively.

The increase came into effect on Feb 1, following amendment to Fees (Medical) Order 1982 will affect patients seeking treatment at Sarawak General Hospital in Kuching, Sibu Hospital, Miri Hospital, Sarikei Hospital and Bintulu Hospital.

It was not immediately clear if the fees increment will be extended to smaller hospitals such as Kapit hospital, Sri Aman Hospital, Saratok and Limbang soon.

Sarawak Health Department director Dr Jamillah Hashim said the 50 percent fee increase for first class patients in the five hospitals would include ward, treatment, investigation, lab and surgery charges.

The increment also cover other medical services such as updating procedures, charges for radiotherapy, physiotherapy and oncology treatment.

It’s also applicable to traditional therapy, traditional Chinese medicinal treatment, dietetic treatment, language assessment and therapy performance measure,” Dr Jamillah added.

However, for second class patients, the 25 percent increase is applicable to ward charge only, she said.

Outpatient dental fees will also be increased starting on March 1.

Third class patient fees remain unchanged.

Dr Jamilah said the fees charged at government hospitals had not been revised since Dec 1, 1982.

Sarawak General Hospital, Kuching

Treatment for first and second class ward in Sarikei Hospital will increase up to 50 percent and 25 percent respectively. (facebook/robert simon)

First and second class ward treatment at Sibu Hospital has increased by 50 percent and 25 percent respectively. (facebook/santi arisha)