An evening stroll in a park at Jalan Kenari 10, Bandar Puchong turn fatal for a couple.

They believed to have been killed by a lightning by the public.

Media reports indicated the police was alerted about the incident at 6pm yesterday

Serdang Deputy OCPD Supt Lee Wai Leong told The Star, the man was identified as Yee Boon Koo, 59 and the woman were identified as Ooi Lee Chen, 57.

Damaged pavement believed to have been caused by lightning that also likely to have killed the couple.

He said the two were found lying on the ground, with the man bleeding from the head.

Supt Lee said both were pronounced dead at the scene by ambulance personnel from the University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC).

He said police also found fragments of the pedestrian path in the park, believed to have been damaged by lightning, at the scene.

Supt Lee said the remains of the two were brought to UMMC for a postmortem.