Many prefer a drive-thru as it is convenience – no hassle to look for parking, fast but there is a catch.

Sometimes, we often end up with lesser quality food and worst given the wrong pack of food altogether.

It happened to us personally, few times that we always making sure what we have is what we asked for.

In all fairness, sometimes a mix up is unavoidable in the rush. But if it happened so often, involving many more customers, then that a real problem frustrating not only the customers but the franchisor too.

We always expect quality service, at least on par with what are advertised.

Arrgghh that is not how it should look like. (Facebook/BintuluNews)

Now, imagine the frustration of this customer who share a photo of a rather badly charred burger bought at the local drive-thru restaurant recently.

In another post, the burger was a bare minimum – a slice of cucumber, bit of salad, onion, and no tomato.

These are the few posts we stumbled on social media of people complaining about the service at the drive-thru.

There are more – just take your time perusing the comments on Bintulu News group in particular to gauge the problem.

Not much to eat there – slice of cucumber, bit of onion and no tomato. (Facebook/Bintulu News)