PETALING JAYA: A video recorded on Tuesday afternoon of a car crashing into motorbike at a busy Pandan Indah T-junction has gone viral.

The one-minute 21-second footage taken from a dashboard camera at 4.25pm was posted by 26-year-old Ng Sin Ji on Facebook and has received 3,906 shares as of press time.

In the video, it appears that a white Perodua Alza and a motorcycle crashed into each other as both vehicles tried to beat the red light.

The Alza can be seen driving into the left side of the motorbike, which then sent the motorcyclist flying into the air before crashing and sliding across the road on impact.

He was then seen lying motionless on the ground as others were seen rushing to help him.

Ng and her sister-in-law who were in the car can be heard shouting in shock as the crashed happened in front of them.

When contacted, 26-year-old Ng told The Star Online that the car was racing to beat the orange light before it turned red.

At the same time, the motorcyclist left prematurely just as the light was about to turn green.

“It’s hard to tell who is right or wrong as they both made a mistake by not following the traffic light,” Ng said.

Ng – a human resources manager – added that the driver of the Alza came down to check on the motorcyclist.

“He laid on the ground and couldn’t move,” she added.

When asked about the January 1, 2013, date stamp in the right corner of the video, Ng said that it is the default date that the dashboard camera resets to each time she switches it off.

Meanwhile, Ampang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Hamzah Elias said that police have yet to receive any police report on the incident.

“I’ve done checks at Ampang Hospital, and there might be a case similar to the one in the video. However, we have not received any report,” he said. — The Star