A thief drove away with a lorry parked near a supermarket at Assyakirin commercial center (or Medan Raya) yesterday.

It was loaded with tons foodstuff – boxes of maggie mee, tin chocolate and other groceries – basically enough to sustain a typical household for months.

The distraught lorry owner quickly lodged a police report of the missing lorry and at the same time requested help from social media users, frantically urging people to quickly called them for information on the lorry whereabout.

Well, to his relieved, the lorry was later found. Even more surprising was the fact that its cargo was largely untouched except for two boxes of maggie mee.

The lorry was found at Nyigu road.

The stolen lorry was loaded with cargo of foodstuffs – including instant noodle – maggie mee.

On the same day, he also stole a pick-up truck at Kampung Baru.

Supt. Zailanni told Harian Metro, three shots were fired at the fleeing pick-up truck near Kidurong traffic light forcing the the suspect to lost control of the vehicle before it went to a halt.

The suspect was an auto mechanic at a workshop in Bintulu was immediately arrested.

The thief eventually give in to police chase after shots were fired.