Over the last 33-years Malaysia already have three different Prime Ministers – Dr Mahathir, Abdullah Badawi and currently Najib Tun Razak.

Within the same period Selangau parliamentary seat had been represented by two different parties – Joseph Mauh Ikeh (BN/Independent) and currently Datuk Joseph Entulu Belaun (BN).

Yet, none of them succeeded in resolving the water crisis affecting some 300 boarders at SMK Ulu Balingian.

According to Joseph Entulu the situation worsened since last November.

“FYI (for your information) Datuk this problem started in 1984,” Ridzwani Lidam interjected.

“I am the student of SMKUB 1988-1990 the water and electricity problem almost every month, at the time YDP PIBG was Mr Thomas Jawa now Penghulu but this problem cannot be solved. Pity us,”

Joseph Entulu was equally frustrated with the persistent water crisis the school is facing.

He said RM10,000 had been given to SMK Balingian with clear instruction that the fund should be used ‘for the most urgent need.’

“If that is not sufficient then, they should have told me the exact amount – how much is necessary to top up that sum of RM10,000.”

“There is a proper system to manage a secondary school, where you have a principal, District Education office (PPD) and of course, the Education Department.

“There is no reason why a school like SMK Ulu Balingian’s water supply problem was left unsolved for so many years,” Entulu said.

Adding that “it should not have involved the people’s elected representatives.”

Datuk Joseph Entulu has been Selangau MP since 2004, replacing Josehp Mauh.