Sharing the name with a former Iraqi dictator is not a fun thing, although his grandfather thought so.

A marine engineer Saddam Hussain, although highly qualified, were repeatedly rejected not once but 40 times by companies, including multinationals due his name, report Hindustan Times.

Poor India’s Saddam is hailed from Jamshedpur, graduated from Tamil Nadu’s Noorul Islam University.

Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain executed by his own people more than a decade ago.

He was told by his prospective employers that such a highly contentious name is simply a red flag, especially as a marine engineering job requires frequent straddling off international borders.

Recruitment consultants were also reported to have agreed with the stand of companies.

After realizing that his name, fondly given by his grandfather had become major obstacles to securing employment, Saddam Hussain the applied to change his name to Sajid Hussain.

However, that did not solve his problems.

While he procured all the relevant paperwork (Driver’s license, voter’s ID), his school certificates are still on the tables of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) awaiting name-change formalities to be completed.

Sajid Hussain born Saddam Hussain, a name given by his grandfather.

Unless he gets the name changed in his school certificates, his university won’t alter the name in their records.

Exhausted by the bureaucracy, Hussain has now pleaded to the Jharkhand High Court to expedite the name-changing process. Last week, the court scheduled a hearing on May 5.

“I am an innocent victim of somebody else’s crimes,” Hussain was quoted saying.