Widow pregnant after incestuous relationship with biological son?

This is a pretty bizarre story. A widow in Ambon, Indonesia who lost her husband over a decade ago, were forced to raised her only son alone ever since.

That’s the familiar part of the story. However, as the son grows up, turn into a teenager – now said to be around 18 or 19 years – their relationship turns into something more intimate.

The 40-year old mother named Betty is pregnant as result of the incestuous relationship, according to various Indonesian sites.

After their affair was discovered, they were given a chance to remain in the village but must stop their incestuous relationship.

They opted to move out of their village and marry elsewhere according to Metro24 Indonesian news site.

This mother-son relationship – mirror that of Indonesian legend of Tangkuban Perahu.


But there is fishy part of this story. It closely reported a similar story circulating in Indonesia a few years ago. It could be a fake story.

All the so call facts in this story – such as the name, and age of the mother Betty identical to a 2014 story about a mother in Zimbabwe – Betty Mbereko, 40 a widow and Farai Mbereko

In the Zimbabwean story, the widowed mom supposedly married a much older man – age 23.

Furthermore, no reliable Indonesian news sources had corroborated the story of Betty and Ridwan.