This is truly sad. Two of Nancy anak Demang daughters – who should have been in Primary 6 and Form 1 respectively by now, but they dropped out of school years ago before finishing primary education.

Their younger brother now age 7, has yet to attend any school and Nancy confides she has no means to send him to school. Means he will be worst off than her older sisters who at least attended primary 2 and 3 respectively.

Nancy has 7 offsprings from three marriages and is struggling to feed her family lately after her third husband was jailed.

The family currently live in a rented hut (see photos) at the end of an unmarked road near Batu 5.

Nancy plight went viral last week after she and her young sons slept at Bintulu Market.

Francis Ngu Hown Hua’s Extrameal is extending some help in the form of foods, mattresess.

“We are merely trying to lighten her burdened,” Francis said. However, Francis admitted they are hapless as to what to do with the unschooled girls and boy.

Nancy’s national identity card (NRIC) address is somewhere in Tatau and her parents have no official identification.

Bintulu Welfare Department office is liaising with the families, upon learning of their plight.

Nancy and her two young son were found to have slept at Bintulu Market.

Nancy son had yet to attend any school and daughters dropped out while they were at primary 2 and 3 respectively. (Facebook/Francis Ngu Hown Hua).