HAVE you seen them? Officially there were 176 North Koreans in Sarawak, working at our mine and construction sites.

However, since the murder of Kim Jong-Nam the half brother of brutal North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, they all have disappeared into thin air, The Borneo Post reported.

Ken Leben

Sarawak Immigration director Ken Leben also clueless of their whereabouts. He said they are technically still in the state as there is no record of them leaving.

Recently, State Immigration Department rounded 37 North Koreans involved in building Kuala Tatau bridge. They were allegedly overstaying their visa.

In an incident at a coal mine in Selantik, Pantu, Sri Aman, on November 2014, killed three foreign workers and injured 24 others.

The dead were a North Korean, an Indonesian and a Myanmar national.