Down the memory lane again courtesy of Patt Taylor Bader. As mentioned in an earlier post – Patt was one of the Peace Corps station in Bintulu in 1965.

Sadly, due to other commitments ” got busy with education, job, and family” she had not been back to Bintulu since leaving Sarawak on Jan. 1967.

“Haven’t traveled much since those days,” she emailed us. “I know things have changed by pictures my Iban friends share on Facebook.”

Patt is wondering if anyone recognizes any of the people in the pictures below. If you do, please leave your comment. She deeply appreciated that.

Section of Bintulu town as seen from a here from Kampung Jepak June 1965.

This is how Bintulu airport look like in the 1965 – sandy airfield.

Another view of Bintulu –
now known as old town center in 1965. Taken from a hill at Kampung Jepak.

This is Bintulu harbour in 1965.

Awang Nasser and David Fu, Agriculture Office, Bintulu Oct. 1965.

David Fu and Kassim Reduan outside government barracks where Peace Corps Volunteers lived.

This is David Fu in 1965.

Dayang Maimunah, Dec 1965

Gracie Lease, Nanyie Abeng and Patt Taylor, June 1966.

This is the Kampung along Sibiyu river in 1965.

This how they make salt in Kampung Jepak in 1965.

This is the Government quarters where Patt lived while in Bintulu from 1965 – 1967.

Peace Corps Volunteer Patt Taylor with Agriculture Officer Awanku Yusus and Senior Cooperative Officer Junaidi, June 1966.

Rosli bin Udin, Mahmut, Lucy Jimet and Cecilia Nikas of the Agriculture department, June 1965.

Rosli Udin, Shappie, David Fu, Kassim Reduan, Dahlin in Agriculture Office, Oct. 1965

This is a sawmill near Kampung Jepak in 1965.