According to Sin Chew Daily, some three containers of chicken were discarded last Thursday near Bukit Aup, for an unknown reason.

Upon learning the incident, hundred of nearby communities turn out at Bukit Aup, braving a drizzle and foul smell to dig out the thousands of chicken wings buried deep in a huge pit.

“The smell is horrible and some of the chicken wings already turning dark,” Sin Chew Daily reported.

But that apparently didn’t deter people from collecting them. Rumour spread that people begin selling cheap chicken wings door to doors in Sibu.

Malaysian Medical Association Sibu advisor Dr Hu Chang Hock said peoples must be warned of danger consuming the chicken wing as bulk disposal of perishable usually involved spraying of certain chemical.

“If chemical had been sprayed, it is unsafe for consumption,” he told local daily The Borneo Post.

Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Douglas Uggah Embas also warning public again eating the chicken.

Three containers of chicken wings were discarded into a pit in Sibu.

The dig out chicken wing being cleaned.

People rushing to dig out as many chicken wings they could from the pit

The dig out chicken wings cleaned of dirt and soil.

Thousands of chicken wings were discarded last Thursday for an unknown reason in Sibu.