This short clip will probably irk a lot of UMNO peoples, particularly in Penang.

Malaysian celebrity – Chef Wan uploaded 30-seconds clip of his conversation with a Penang taxi driver to his Instagram.

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He asked the driver how many Penangites are supporting the current Government – suggesting an 80percent or upward figure.

More than 80 percent the taxi driver interjected “as everybody is happy, as the city is much more beautiful and cleaner now than under previous administration,”

“Listen to what Penang is like now. True that a good governance of the state will speak by itself from the Tourist that visited our countries that kept saying how wonderful this old city is and well preserved,” Chef Wan wrote on Instagram.

Chef Wan added “only idiots and bad apples cannot see all this,” probably because they are peddling their own agenda.

He is neither on the left or rights.