Indonesian President Joko Widodo conceded that irresponsible littering and dumping of trash was one of the biggest problems plaguing many cities in the country.

It causes waterways clogging up, exacerbating floods, and contaminating groundwater.

“The reality is that waste disposal is one of the heaviest challenges that we face,” Joko said.

Joko a former Governor of Jakarta said “every day a total of 2,000 tons of trash is thrown into the Jakarta’s rivers,” alone.

“So we need to find modern and effective ways to campaign to get our message across,” then Jakarta Governor, now Indonesian President said.

But Indonesian – in other cities around Indonesia had already started their own initiatives fighting illegal dumping of rubbish.

Putting up often cheeky signposts and banners to stop littering.

Cheeky banner – cursing litter.

This cheeky banner seem to work – the area is clean

This lady simply ignore a banner prohibiting dumping rubbish in the area.

Standard “Dilarang Buang Sampah disini” or do not throw rubbish here is less effective.

Another cheeky signpost – that curse litter bug

The banner read “Allah, please immediately kill those who dump their rubbish here,”.