Bintulu police arrested three men and a woman trying to steal a Toyota Hilux in front Times Square megamall today.

In the 1.40pm incident, the suspects, aged 37 to 50 years caught police attention after they acted suspiciously while driving a Honda CRV around a parking lot in front of the mall.

After nearly 30 minutes of spying on them, a team of Bintulu police then approached the suspect and tried to stop them, according to a statement by Bintulu police.

A Toyota Hilux that the thieves tried to steal. (Photo: Bintulu Police)

The suspects become panic, trying to flee, forcing the police to fire several warning shots. Then fired shots at the SUV front tires to halt the fleeing vehicle.

A scuffle ensued but police eventually managed to subdue the aggressive thieves.

Police confiscated several tools believed to have been used in vehicle theft – including several fake Malaysian road taxes.

Honda CRV driven by the thieves (Photo: Bintulu Police)

(Photo: Bintulu Police)