The 130km Belaga-Merit Jiwa Murni or pure soul proposed road linking Belaga town to Merit is still under construction but already prone to flooding.

One of the many villages to be linked by the road, Punan Ba village already expressing their concerns in a recent dialogue with the road contractor.

“If any section of the road and bridges easily submerged underwater, it would be a useless road,” the affected villagers told us.

The proposed Belaga-Merit Jiwa Murni road which cost an estimated RM316.4million

According to them, by building the road, further away from the river, they could minimize the damage done on their fruit trees compare to the paltry sum of RM400 per household compensation promised.

The problem is mainly due to the road design – which is constructed very close to Rejang River shoreline.

Rejang MP, Datuk Wilson Ugak Kumbong and Belaga Assemblyman, Liwan Lagang also prefer the road to be constructed further away from the river shoreline.

If the situation is not immediately remedied, it would be worst than the flood-prone Belaga-Mejawah road.

Earlier this year, Belaga-Mejawah road at Long Mekero were cut-off stranding hundreds of Belaga people.

The situation along Belaga-Merit could be even worst if the road is not realigned.

The construction of Belaga-Merit road will cost an estimated RM316.4mil.