Miri city is set to open its fourth museum by September this year.

The museum a Cultural and Heritage Museum is built in a former Miri Resident and District office complex reports The Borneo Post today.

The historic building was built in 1912 after the first oil well was discovered atop Canada Hill in 1910.

Petroleum and Science Museum on Canada Hill, Miri.

The complex is chosen due to it owns historical values according to Dr. Charles Leh Moi Ung, Curator of Sarawak Museum of Natural History and Zoology.

The value will be further enhanced, once its will house historic artifacts gathered from all over Miri Division soon he said.

He is urging Miri communities to contribute things of historical values such as old photos of longhouses, artifacts to the Cultural Heritage museum as it is a community-based museum.

Miri currently has three museums – Petroleum Science Museum on Canada Hill, Fort Hose museum at Marudi, and Niah Archeology Museum at Niah.

Niah Archeology Museum at Niah. (Pix. Liz)

Fort Hose after Charles Hose who become Baram District Resident in 1891.