HARAKAH PAS official organ forced to issue an apology for publishing what is an evidently fake story of Canadian Prime Minister converting to Islam.

It posted the apology on its harakahdaily.net on April 29, stating that its editors acknowledged that an error was made and would retract the article which appeared in the April 28-30 edition of Harakah.

Screenshot of Harakah story of Canadian PM Justin Trudea conversion to Islam that was later to be a fake news.

The article, by Ustaz Zainudin Hashim, speculated that Trudeau embraced Islam because he discovered that the religion and its followers “are the best” in terms of, among others, their culture and social interactions.

“We apologized for the mistake and will make a correction in our next edition,” it said.

It said Trudeau was not forced to accept Islam, but rather he understood the beauty of the religion after seeing how it was practiced by Muslims in Catholic-majority Canada as reported in the press there.

Photo of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau in a mosque. (Vatican Enquire)

The article also posted a photo showing Trudeau with a group of worshippers inside a mosque identical to a photo posted in Vatican Enquirer.

The site “warned” that it is “a satire/alternative facts website.”

It said “all articles (posts) are made-up stories and should not be taken seriously. All content is for entertainment and fun, without any compromise with reality. We are willing to invent any story as long as you laugh.”