A 21-year old oil palm plantation worker survived a crocodile attack, last Thursday.

“The incident occurred on the upper reaches of Resang River,” said Augustine Tuga Sabah Wild Life director.

Augustine told Harian Metro, Midzfar and his co-worker were collecting kale. Midzfar then went to a nearby stream to clean his feet and hand when the crocodile launched the attack.

He was dragged into the small stream but somehow managed to free himself of the croc jaw after a struggle.

The reptile attack left Mizdfar left hand severely injured.

Midzfar Aksan Tiplahan, 21, awaiting help after being attack by a crocodile at Resang River in Tukau.

A warning sign that says crocodile in the stream.

Midzfar Aksan Tiplahan, 21, severely injured left hand.

The crime scene – spot where the crocodile attack Midzfar.