Beached Humpback Freed From Siwak Beach Miri

Miri Fire and Rescue personnel with the help of local manage to freed the huge mammal.

A beached humpback whale measuring about 9.1 meters and weight over 1.5 ton found stranded on Siwak beach, near Bakam in Miri earlier this morning finally swim free.

Miri Fire and Rescue Department chief Law Poh Kiong said they were alerted of the incident around 7.11 this morning.

The Department quickly dispatched a team to help rescue the mammal. Together with local villagers, they eventually managed to free huge mammal.

According to various accounts, the mammal was spotted grounded around 6 a.m. It probably had been grounded for several hours before being freed.

The mammal eventually swim back into the sea.

Free at last.

A humpback whale grounded on Siwak beach, Miri.