Everything in China these days is superlative – longest highway, biggest cities, mega dam. And this is the longest sea bridge in South China. The Y-shape bridge will link Zhuhai to Hongkong and Macau.

The main section of the bridge is spanning over 22.9km long plus 6.7km undersea tunnel, two artificial islands, and border posts.

Once completed, it will cut the three hours drive from Zhuhai and Macau on the west bank to Hong Kong on the east bank to under 30 minutes.

The mega bridge project had consumed more than 400,000 tons of iron and steel – for the main bridge section alone – that is enough iron and steel to built over 60 Paris’s Eiffel towers

Once completed it will accommodate six lanes highway with speed limit over 100km per hour.

The bridge is designed to last over 120-years, can withstand wind blowing over 180kph, resist 8-richter scale earthquake or capable of cushioning the strike of 3,000-ton mega vessel.

The bridge construction started in 2009 is expected to be operational end of 2017 and cost US$1.5 billion.

The Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macau sea bridge.