This Sabahan girl just witnessed something totally unexpected that she couldn’t help but to tell her friends, the world about it live on Facebook.

According to her, she went to a shop to buy nail for her dad who wants to build something. After buying the nails, she rushes back to her car. Locked it.

But when a man standing near the corner of the shop caught a glance at her. He did something utterly disgusting – dropped his pant and straight away performing an obscene act for her to witness.

All these while, when people told her to be careful of a man who would masturbate in front of people, she thought it as a mere joke.

“But it just happened to me, here at Kepayan Ridge, today,” she said in the footage. And added, “he took out his ‘lolok‘ or penis about one and a half inches long for me to see.”

However, we are not sure if she was referring to a hardware – Kepayan Ridge Hardware shop along Jalan Banjaran, Kota Kinabalu.

The footage live on Facebook yesterday have since gone viral. She warned especially ladies to be extra careful of this man.

Hopefully, the relevant authorities will do something to stop this man from performing this obscene act elsewhere.

Photo she took of the man masturbating in public at Kepayan Ridge, Kota Kinabalu.