Horrific accident near Batu 27 Sibu – Bintulu road

A motionless body next to a car wreckage near Batu 27 Sibu.

UPDATED. Photos circulating on Facebook show a motionless body of a man lied on his side, with one of his legs appeared to be missing, in a road accident believed to be near Mile 27 (Batu 27).

These images probably too disturbing to some. Self censorship required – Here are the uncensored images on Borneo page.

According to Sarawak Voice, the couple riding a motorbike was hit by car driven by a man on the opposite direction.

The crash victims Peter Ngail, 36 and wife Belen Jerome, 32.

The couple died almost instantly due to the crash impact, according to an initial report.

Sarawak Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department deputy chief DSP Bingkok John said the incident occurred around 7:30 am at Km 40, Jalan Sibu-Bintulu.

Bingkok said police were still investigating the cause of the accident and arrested the car driver under Section 112 of the Road Transport Act 1987.

The couple identified as Peter mail, 36 years old and pillion rider, his wife Belen Jerome, 32 years old.

The bodies of both victims were then taken to the Sibu Hospital for a post-mortem.

Horrific traffic accident near Batu 27 Sibu.