1 million hectares of Kapit Division owned by privates companies

Google Maps showing Kapit Division covering an area about 3.8934 million hectares.

Kapit Division is the largest Division in Sarawak covering an area over 3.8934 million hectares or about 31% of Sarawak land area.

In comparison, the largest state in West Malaysia, Pahang 3.6137 million hectares, is even smaller than Kapit Division.

Wilson Nyabong Ijang and wife.

However, over one million hectares of Kapit land areas or a third of Kapit Division had been divided among 11 private companies (including the big-6 timber giants) under License of Planted Forest (LPF) with 60 years Provisional Lease (PL), according to Wilson Nyabong Ijang (BN-Pelagus) in a debate at the State Legislative assembly recently.

“The whole of Kapit town is covered by one of the LPF,PLs and also Tunoh area in Bukit Mabong District has two planted forest licence,” he said and. Adding this is a serious matter “will affect the development of Tunoh township.”

There are more than 500 indigenous people settlements located along the Division two main rivers – Rejang and Baleh.

Punan Ba village – a Punan settlement, one of the earliest (oldest) settlement along the Rejang River.

Kapit is sparsely populated area about 115,300 people or about 2.5 (per square km) and majority being the The Iban (67.4%) Orang Ulu referring to the minorities (18.7%), Chinese (6.7%), Malay (3.4%) and Melanau (1.2%).

Wilson Nyabong Ijang (BN-Pelagus) is urging the State Government to review all of planted forest licence in Sarawak and to ensure that Native Customary Rights lands are not encroached and excised out of the existing LPF in Kapit Division.