Shell apologizes after glitches show its fuel price at RM4.09 per liter

Shell fuel price update glitches shown per liter cost RM4.09. (Pix. Martina Abu Hanifa)

The weekly changes in fuel prices had taken it toll on Shell. Earlier this morning hundred of Shell customers in the country forced to pay a higher fuel price than the Ministry’s sanctioned prices due to its fuel price update glitches.

“We discovered an issue with our price update last night, and this has been rectified immediately,” Shell said in a statement posted on its page today.

Apparently, the rectification was not done quick enough, as Shell said some 160 transactions that took place between 12.01 a.m and 1.30 a.m today were affected.

Several of those unlucky got caught up in the glitch, vent their anger on social media. One ranting, that had been shared 40,454 at time of posting is that of Martina Abu Hanifa.

The glitches detected by Shell hours later show fuel price RM4.09 per liter, much higher than the actual price.

According to Martina upon seeing her tank nearly empty on her way to her workplace around 12.20 (0020 hours), she stopped at Salak South Shell gas station.

She paid RM15 and shocked it could only afford her 3.67 liters. “I just press the nozzle… suddenly meter shows RM15,” she said.

Furious, she went back to the gas station cashier to inquire. The equally clueless cashier told her that fuel prices just went up and asked her to check the price displayed at the pump.

It shows 409.0 sen/liter. She insisted quantum of the markup just couldn’t be as much as RM4.09 as stated. A heated argument between them ensued.

Martina said the cashier relented and refunded her and several other customers.

But some alert customers who filled up between midnight Wednesday and 1.30am Thursday were shocked to find that their receipts showed RM4.09 for a litre of RON95.

It turned out that the computer systems at Shell stations nationwide had been readjusted with the wrong prices – RM4.09 per litre of RON95 and RM4.65 per litre of RON97.

For reference, the correct price for the period of 18 – 24 May 2017 at Shell gas station nationwide are as follows:
Shell FuelSave 95: RM2.08/Ltr
Shell V-Power 97: RM2.36 /Ltr
Shell V-Power Racing: RM3.06 /Ltr
Shell FuelSave Diesel (Euro2M): RM1.99/Ltr
Shell FuelSave Diesel (Euro5): RM2.09/Ltr

Shell said customers affected by the glitch will be reimbursed for the difference by providing a receipt of purchase. Anyone who needs further inquiries related to this matter, please contact Shell Customer Service Centre at 1300 88 1808.

Furious customers arguing with the cashier at Salak South Shell gas station. (Pix. Martina Abu Hanifa)

Ron 95 at RM4.09 double the actual price.