Remember the guy that ran amok, smashing two Digi stores in Sibu last March? He just sentenced to 14-days jail time for contempt of court, by Magistrate Sofia S. Sawayan, in Sibu today.

Kuo Tai Ta, 30, arrived at the court compound around 8 a.m., and parked his car right in front of the courthouse main entrance – meant for judges.

Confronted by court securities, albeit angrily, he then parked his car at visitors parking lot. Furious Kuo later entered Court 1 of the magistrate’s court and seated on the bench. Again, court securities had to intervene. Both are contemptible offenses.

Kuo Tai Ta

Told by Magistrate Sofia S. Sawayan to explained both actions, when he appeared in Court 2. Kuo said nothing and couldn’t explain his actions.

Thus, end up being sentenced to a 14-days jail time for contempt of court under the Third Schedule Para 26 of the Subordinate Court Act, 1948.

That’s an extra jail time – as he is still facing two difference charges under Section 427 of the Penal Code for committing mischief and causing damage amounting to RM20,000 and a charge under Section 15(1) of the Dangerous Drug Act 1952 for drug abuse.

If convicted, under the Section 427 he will get at max five years jail time or fine – worst, get both.

The drug charges carry a fine or RM5,000 or jail term up to two years and to undergo additional two years of supervision after being out of jail.

He is being charged for committing an offense under Section 427 – damaging two Digi stores at Wong King Huo road, and Keranji road on March 13, 2017.

Digi Store at Keranji road put their losses at RM11,497, while another at King Huo road at RM23,364.71.

The case is being trialed at Sibu court.

[via The Borneo Post, Utusan Borneo]