Sungai Katibas bridge nearly completed, Song – Kapit linked by road first time

Sungai Katibas bridge, near Song town. (Pix. Alexander Nanta Linggi)

The Batang Katibas bridge is nearing full completion, with only few minor works left. Latest aerial photos of the bridge by Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi, Deputy Minister of Rural and Regional Development page show it had crossed Katibas river, near Song Town.

By June 1, the bridge should be ready to link Song town and Kapit for the first time.

The Kanowit-Kapit Road costing RM711 million is a vital artery to open up once isolated Kapit Division. The road initially expected to be ready middle of this year, likely to be delayed again. Another major crossing, Kanowit River bridge is ready but land disputes had delayed construction of the road in between Kanowit and Song.

The Sungai Katibas bridge with Song town in the foreground. (Pix. Alexander Nanta Linggi)

Recent photo of Sungai Katibas bridge. (Pix. Alexander Nanta Linggi)

“It is a road filled with opportunities, its greatest impact is as the catalyst for socio-economic development in the region,” said Alexander who is also Kapit Member of Parliament.

The construction of the road, divided into several packages, started in June 2011.

Alexander said the road would open up lands in Kapit, Song and Kanowit districts and the deep interior of Kapit from Baleh to Mujong, including the Sungai Tunoh flatland earmarked for large-scale rice cultivation.

In addition to improving access to longhouses and settlements, it will enable amenities like electricity power and treated water to reach them in the future.

“The road will greatly reduce the cost of living because it is a cheaper alternative to river transport,” he added.

[Via NST]

Sungai Yong bridge near Kapit town completed last year.

Song town. (Pix. Alexander Nanta Linggi)