A police inspector (uncensored pix) based in Belaga is suspected of shooting dead his pregnant girlfriend in house at Kampung Kakai, Serian on Sunday.

Their neighbor, Laurence Micheal, said he was awoken by a gunshot and shortly after the victim’s mother ran over to his aunty’s house and told him his son-in law just shot his daughter.

Michael then went over to the house and found that the victim was lying motionless on the floor and then  lodged a police report.

The incident is confirmed by Serian police chief deputy superintendent Aswandy Anis.

The victim identified as ‘Christie’ post on her Facebook wall.

It’s a chilling incident and several hours before it happened, the victim wrote: “be happy, u never know much time u have left,” on her wall, as if she had predicted what happened next.

It is understood that the victim was two months pregnant.  A police spokesman said that the victim is a divorcee and identified victim as the “girlfriend” not the suspect wife.

Police said, they were unable to find official records that the couple was married.

“But we do not know if he secretly married the woman,” the spokesman said.

The suspect, a police inspector based in Belaga.

Police initial investigations, suggest the suspect had walked into the room of the victim and then fire a shot at her.

He then ran in a white car, a police car. Police eventually traced the suspected nearly six hours later, at 9.35pm, in front of Emart supermarket at Matang.

“His weapons and bullets have been confiscated,” a police report said, adding that the suspect did not resist arrest.

The spokesman added that is was a “clear cut case” and investigations would focus on the personal aspects of the suspect and victim.

Happier time, the victim and the suspect.