Miri police nabbed father, son over gate panel theft at Tudan Sunlight

The detained duo - a father and son.

Crime does not pay but that does not stop people from committing a crime. In a hilarious crime Saturday, in Miri, two men brazenly ride away with a gate panel of an empty house.

The theft was caught on video of a neighboring house CCTV camera around mid-day on May 20.

Based on the CCTV footage which has since gone viral, Miri police managed to track down the owner of the motorcycle – 24 hours later in Tudan.

Miri District deputy police chief Supt. Standley Jonathan Ringgit said they had detained two men following the incident – a father and son aged 55 and 25 respectively about 5pm, Sunday.

But they had an alibi. One of the detained men told police, a man he just knew took the motorcycle key without his knowledge on that day.

Thus, police are now looking for the said man, who is believed to be the suspect caught on the CCTV, according to Standley.

Tudan Sunlight Garden 5 is a new housing area, with only a few residents had moved in. In fact, the stolen gate panel owner is currently still living in their old house in Pujut.

[ via New Sarawak Tribune ]