Rough sketch of the route from Kanowit to Kapit provided by RTM.

CAUTION – this is a rough guide provided by RTM. We honestly have no idea how reliable this rough sketch is.

There is still a missing link along the partially completed 102 km Kanowit – Kapit road. The road from Song to Kapit is already completed.

But section of the road in between Song and Kanowit is still under construction – just earth or gravel type of road. So it might not be safe for a small cars – non four-wheel drive type of vehicles, particularly if it rains.

But some will have to use the road to get to their destinations – as express boat plying the Kapit – Sibu can only carry limited number of passengers.


Kanowit bridge open for public.
Katibas bridge nearing completion

Express boat plying Sibu – Kapit will always full to the brink during Gawai holidays.

Certain express boat plying the Kapit – Sibu has been fully booked.

Expect to drive on earth/gravel, winding, dusty, slippery road like this in between Song – Kanowit section.