Is this too much? Rice + Sotong + Udang + Kangkung cost RM32?

Liza Musid who runs a food stall in Chukai, Terengganu charging a customer RM32 for two prawns, a squid, kale and a plate of white rice. (pix: Harian Metro)

Chukai, Terengganu is a small coastal town, where you could expect to eat reasonably price seafood. Right? Nope – not least here in Chukai – as one gentleman found out the hard way.

So next time you drive around Chukai looking for a place to eat, make sure you check out the price and be wary of what you put on your plate.

Syed Ikram was left flabbergasted when he was forced to pay RM32! for a plate of rice with medium size udang (prawn), sotong (squid), and kangkung (kale) for lunch at a stall in Chukai.

The lunch that Syed Ikram had at Liza Musid food stall, in Chukai, Terengganu. (pix. Syed Ikram)

He was so pissed off after the incident till he shares the experience on Facebook – which then went viral. Later, amplified after the story picked up by hugely popular Malay language tabloid Harian Metro.

Unhappy Syed Ikram sarcastically said: “like this also RM32 excluding drink,” and adding there is nothing particularly special about the food stall.

But the stall owner Liza Musidi, 25, told Harian Metro she was upset and disappointed by Syed Ikram viral post. She accused him of malicious intention saying it has affected her business.

However, Liza did not dispute the RM32 price she charged Syed Ikram for his lunch last Friday.

In a conversation they had later on Messenger, Liza, in fact, implied that Syed actually paid less for the food.

According to Liza, each prawn cost RM15 (Syed took two), the squid RM7, the kale RM1 and rice RM2 – total RM40, while Syed Ikram only paid RM32!

Price of food at Liza Musid food stall, in Chukai, Terengganu. (pix. Syed Ikram)

The food stall is somewhere in this area of Chukai, Terengganu.