This piece of news reported by Utusan Malaysia yesterday is nothing sort of a plot from the Italian Job movie.

How group of peoples – rogue custom officers, syndicates and individual from an LNG company managed to export nine containers of pipe worth millions used in the oil and gas industry to Dubai, undetected.

The preliminary investigation finds that the customs officers involved – played the role of an advisor to the syndicates to declare the pipe as scrap pipes.

In order to milk more ‘fees’ for their service, these customs officers deliberately delay the declaration process of the goods. Only accelerated the process after being paid the demanded sum of bribes.

“Once the consent to pay the money is made, the approval is immediately issued by the customs officer involved,” a spoke person of MACC told Utusan Malaysia.

MACC yesterday detained senior customs officers after allegedly asking for US$10,000 (RM43,000) to facilitate the export of the pipes to Dubai.

The tax value per piece of the pipe is approximately RM11,000.