Lodging and laundry businesses in Bintulu more illegal than legal

ParkCity Bintulu. [Pix : Bintulu Aerial Photography]

There are more illegal lodging houses than legal in Bintulu and many of the extension done to business premises were done without proper approval from the relevant authorities.

Bintulu Development Authority General Manager Rodziah Morshidi said from their records there are still many businesses operating illegally; no occupation permits and making extension without prior approval from local authorities.

Currently, BDA records indicate there are only 47 licensed lodging houses in Bintulu compare to 56 operating illegally.

More than half or 17 outlets out 32 outlets – the mushrooming laundry services in town operating without a license.

Rodziah Morshidi – BDA General Manager (Pix: Facebook/Rodziah Morshidi)

Rodziah said BDA main concerned is about the safety of these premises and safety of its occupants.

The lodging houses required to have valid occupation permits (OP) and meeting the safety standard before operating.

“If anything untoward happened, BDA would be the one that bears the brunt of the blames, would be accused of being slacking in enforcing the laws,’ she said.

“Basically, one mistake leads to more mistakes,” she said and adding those who had been operating without proper licenses to approach BDA.

“We will find how best to regularized and licensed your business,” Rodziah said.

Rodziah is appealing business owners operating lodging house and laundry services to comply with Fire and Rescue Department safety requirements for the safety their customers.

[via The Borneo Post]