Switching from self-hosted to blogspot after 11 years self-hosting

This blog has been self-hosted since it was found 4024 days ago. Somehow on it 4025 days I decided to switch to blogger based blogging. Actually it's a painful transition as I have over two thousands post in the self-hosted blog. Switching to blogger mean I have to start from zero again.

My reasons for switching to blogger basically 

1) It is free - no more hosting cost. Google is so generous - hopefully it stays the same for the next foreseeable future. 

2) Bandwidth - is free. No more worries. 

3) It is secure and faster. Yes, blogger is faster than self-hosted wordpress. I don't have to worry about installing all the plugins need to operate a decent wordpress blog. 

4) Mobile first - I've been struggling with the self-hosted to be extremely reliable mobile first blog. The custom theme I bought - was slow and buggy. Never seem to get it fast enough. So I switch. The wordpress mobile app also never seem to work well on my android devices.

However, there are few trade-off. Losing valuable contents, is the utmost trade-off, as I found manually moving my wordpress content to blogger just too much of a chore. The other trade-off is that now this blog is at the mercy of Google's Blogger. 


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