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Category: Local news

Video of Zamani ‘Slam’ singing while being handcuffed

A clip showing Zamani singing while being handcuffed.
A clip showing Zamani singing while being handcuffed.

Video of Zamani Ibrahim 43, vocalist of a popular band in the ’90s singing while being handcuffed had spurred police to investigate the matter.

“The police will investigate and take action against the individual responsible for recording and uploading the video of Zamani singing while handcuffed,” said Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar in a tweet on Thursday.

The video, believed to have been recorded soon after Zamani was arrested showed the former lead singer of ’90s band Slam singing Gerimis Mengundang, one of the band’s hit songs, while handcuffed.

Google Street View car spotted in Bintulu and Tatau

The Google Street Map and Street View  car spotted in Tatau.
The Google Street Map and Street View car spotted in Tatau.

The iconic Google Street View car has been spotted capturing photos in Bintulu Division over the last few days.

Several people started posting photos of their encounters with the iconic car in Bintulu since Jan 10.

Dani Lynn wrote: “Here it is at Ipoh Kopitiam for coffee break,” on Bintulu News group.

Heartless parents left 4-daughters age 7-2 year with RM70, Umbrella for survival

The siblings at Sibu Jaya police station.
The siblings at Sibu Jaya police station.

It simply heartless. Four siblings aged 2 to 7-years old were found wandering aimlessly at Sibu Jaya yesterday by policemen.

According to a police report they were found with RM70 cash, umbrella and a bag and believed to be of Iban parentage.

Police said attempted to locate their parents were unsuccessful and had handed the case to the Welfare Department to resolve.

The siblings were identified as Menai, Iyen (both age 7), Echa 4 and Olivia 2-year old.

UPDATED 9.22am 10/11/2014: We’re learnt that a Chinese church in Sibu had came forward to help the cute siblings abandoned by their mother near a coffee shop in Sibu Jaya yesterday. Another good news is that they are now with their grandparents.

Samalaju-Tg Manis railway feasibility study ‘in progress’

Borneo's only railway is in Sabah as shown in this pix. (Flickr)
Borneo’s only railway is in Sabah as shown in this pix. (Flickr)

Feasibility study of the proposed railway linking Samalaju-Bintulu-Tanjung Manis is ‘in progress’ according to reliable documents sighted by BtuWeekly.

The sources who are familiar with the details of the feasibility study, however declined to be interviewed citing confidentiality and not authorized to comment on the project in the media.

Former Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud then said the railway would enhance transportation facilities within Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) areas.

“There is a need to have railway link to support development of heavy industries and halal hub located at Tanjung Manis, Mukah and Samalaju in Bintulu within SCORE, to transport palm oil, sago, aluminium and other industrial products in bulk efficiently,” said Taib.

The feasibility study was supposed to have started end of 2011.

On unrelated matter – the groundbreaking ceremony for the pan Borneo highway likely to be under Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) will be held in Bintulu.