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To Nanga Merit, Kapit via Sangan road

To all adventurous people out you might want to attempt retracing route taken by one adventurous Aki Anis‘s to Kapit last year.

It’s a shame really. Kapit – is the only town in Sarawak that has yet to have road linked to all the major towns and cities in the State despite 52-years of Merdeka!

The road was sealed half way (from Sangan Junction to Sangan) and the rest was a slippery typical logging road. No GPS guidance here just pix of the scenery along the road taken by Aki Anis of his route.

[ Credit: all pix courtesy of Aki Anis]

The Sangan Junction near Tatau. Pix Aki Anis
The Sangan Junction near Tatau. Pix Aki Anis

Aki Anis and his trusty motocross.

OMG! Chinese tourists washing their feet in fountain

Chinese tourist cleaning her feet in a fountain,
Chinese tourist cleaning her feet in a fountain,

Photos of Chinese tourists unabashedly cleaning their feet, shoe in a fountain in Sanya, Hainan drawing ire of netizen, reported China website Tencent.

Chinese tourists also known worldwide for their bad behavioursloud, taking too much time at restroom, picking nose in public are among the known nuisances associated with them.

And their image also so bad that hotels from Thailand to France will not accept Chinese tourists and the Beijing government is planning to introduce a law to regulate travellers’ behaviour.

Bintulu has not seen influx of Chinese tourists yet, but having them as next door neighbor can be tough.

An evening at Bintulu Promenade [2014 PHOTOS]

The promenade is part of the development plan to turn Kemena river shoreline into premier business district in Bintulu.

According to the developers shops, offices, shopping and retail complexes, hotels, apartments, bungalows and semi-detached homes have been planned along the promenade.

No doubt it’s a beautiful place that are uniquely Bintulu and has potential to rival that of Kuching waterfront – if BDA could properly managed it.

Instagram feed – the streets of Bintulu

These pix are taken from our instagram @btu.weekly – please follow us!

Walking along the dusty road of Kidurong industrial zone. #kidurong

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Eating bubble? Down Keppel road Bintulu town center. #btu

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Down the Keppel road, Bintulu town center. #btu

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Only in Bintulu.

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Watch this bizarre creepy sea creature caught off Pulau Ubin Singapore


This bizarre creature was hauled in by a Singaporean fishermen while angling off the Singaporean island of Pulau Ubin.

“I know that area has a lot of seaweed, so I thought that was what I had hooked up,” 53-year-old Ramlan Saim told Singapore’s newspaper The Straits Times.

“But then when I put it on the boat it started to move like an alien.”

Discovery News identified the creepy creature as ‘basket star’. Not an alien creature or new species.

Fancy rustic looking log bed – here is DIY video

Fancy these rustic, gorgeous looking log beds. You can have one handmade.

It even easier here in Bintulu as we’ve got plenty of logs to salvage along the Kidurong ridge – you know those left over branches unwanted by the loggers.

Here is do-it-yourself video that show you exactly how to do it yourself – assuming you have all the necessary tools needed handy.

A log bed like this can last a lifetime.