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Tons of catfish release into Sarawak River

A video circulating on social media showing thousands of catfish (ikan keli) released into Sarawak River stirring lot of interest and controversies.

Some claimed it was part of a religious ceremony, clueless and resorted to condemning the act – as wasteful.

It was not known what actually transpired as we couldn’t contact the party involved.

However it is believed to be related to a Buddishts release animals (pdf)
custom or fang sheng.

In some Buddhism teaching an act of liberating animals whose destiny would otherwise involve a lifetime of captivity or worse — dinner plate – in the case of this catfish.

Setting animals free is considered an act of compassion that will be rewarded with good karma.

Mom recorded on video playground swings moving, see no-one about

This is really spooky and happening in broad daylight.

A mother brought her child to a playground at Taman Anggerik, Batu 27, Keningau.

The incident was related by Nurul Ashiekin on her page.

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Upon reaching the playground, her child keep on crying, she felt strange.

She then brought the child back into the car and spotted something strange.

The swing were swinging, yet, terrifyingly, she saw no-one about.

Bintulu drive-thru restaurant unsatisfactory food quality and service

Many prefer a drive-thru as it is convenience – no hassle to look for parking, fast but there is a catch.

Sometimes, we often end up with lesser quality food and worst given the wrong pack of food altogether.

It happened to us personally, few times that we always making sure what we have is what we asked for. Continue reading Bintulu drive-thru restaurant unsatisfactory food quality and service

Pembeli dakwa ditipu penjual Ibu Syira (atau BVV Ariand) berasal dari Bintulu

Seorang pembeli bernama Saliza Abdullah mendakwa beliau telah ditipu oleh seorang penjual menggunakan nama Ibu Syira dalam laman sosial Facebook.

Ibu Syira menurut Saliza, telah gagal menghantar barang berupa swing chair yang beliau pesan walaupun bayaran penuh RM400 telah dibuat.

Usaha beliau untuk menghubungi Ibu Syira melalui Facebook dan telefon menemui jalan buntu kerana Ibu Syira enggan melayan mesej, panggilan telefon tidak dijawab.

Difahamkan Ibu Syira sebelum ini turut mengguna nama BVV Ariand.

Beberapa minggu yang lepas seorang pengguna laman Facebook di Bintulu bernama Izan Rosli terkejut apabila gambar-gambar peribadi beliau dijadikan gambar profiles oleh BVV Ariand.

Menurut Izan Rosli beliau telah membuat laporan polis berkenaan dengan gambar tersebut.

Post yang dibuat oleh Saliza Abdullah di page BtuWeekly.
Screenshot resit bayaran dibuat melalui Maybank2U oleh Saliza Abdullah.
Barangan yang dipesan oleh Saliza Abdullah yang sehingga kini belum dihantar oleh penjual di laman Facebook bernama Ibu Syira
Profile Ibu Syira yang menggunakan gambar orang lain difahamkan orang Bintulu juga.
Izan Rosli berasal dari Bintulu amat terkejut apabila gambar beliau diguna sebagai profile oleh BVV Ariand difahamkan individu yang turut mengguna nama Ibu Syira. Beliau telah membuat laporan polis berkenaan gambar-gambar diatas.

How airlines like AirAsia can give Million of free seats and still make profits

Airasia offering free 1 million seats
Airasia offering free 1 million seats

How can airlines, particularly budget airlines such as Airasia can afford to give million of free seats but yet still make profit on such offer.

Here is how according to Chris Anderson in his book ‘Free: How Today’s Smartest Business Profit By Giving Something For Nothing‘.

AirAsia operates in a market identical to that of Ryanair in Europe.

In fact, the airlines actually replicate whatever Ryanair does successfully – and become the most profitable airlines in the country!

Every year, about 1.3 million passengers fly from London to Barcelona. A ticket on Dublin-based low-cost airline Ryanair is just US$20.

Other routes a similarly cheap, and Ryanair’s CEO has said he hopes one day offer all seats on his flights for free (perhaps offsets by in air-gambling, truning his planes into flying casinos).

How can a flight across the English Channel be cheaper than a cab ride to a hotel?

It costs Ryanair $70 to fly someone from London to Barcelona. The figure above shows how it gets that money back. Source: Chris Anderson “Free”

Cut costs. Ryanair boards and disembarks passengers from the tarmac to trim gate fees. The airline also negotitates lower access fees from less-popular airports eager for traffic.

Ramp up the ancilliary fees. Ryanair charges for in-flight food and beverages; assesses extra fees for preboaarding, checked baggage, and flying with an infant; collects a share of car rentals and hotels reservations booked through the Web site; charges marketers for in-flight advertising; and levies a credit card handling fee for all ticket purchases.

Offset losses with higher fares. On popular travel days the same flight can cost more than $100.

These Bintulu school kids are puffing away a Toyota Vios

SMK Baru Bintulu kids spotted puffing cigarettes.
School kids spotted puffing cigarettes by Wann Sharul Aiman August 6, 2014 near their school.

These school children probably unaware the direct and indirect cost of those cigarettes not to mention it harmful effect to their health.

It’s not a cheap habit to begin with. A smoker would spend more than 73,000 in 20-years! The price of a decent car – think of Toyota Vios!

In a year the direct and indirect cost of smoking will be more than 6,150 – more than enough to cover a Perodua Viva installments for a year!

Here is how those figures derive.

According to Malaysia Ministry of Health, not only it includes the price of cigarettes that we pay but the future costs to upkeep our health due to smoking.

Direct cost is out of pocket costs or a monetary cost to smokers and society. For a smoker direct cost is how much money he spends on cigarette.

The Toyota Vios 2013.

In addition medical costs of treating his illness induced by tobacco is also part of his direct cost.

Currently a 20-a-day smoker of a premium cigarette will spend RM10.00 per day. In one week he will spend RM70.00 and RM3650.00 per year.

If smoking habits continue for 20 years, he will spend whooping RM73,000.00 – enough to buy decent car in Bintulu!

Had this amount been saved it can pay a-four years study in undergraduate program at an institution of higher-learning or earned returns on investment in many interest bearing financial instruments.

The cost of a treatment at the hospital due to asthma triggered from smoking cigarette is also considered as direct cost.

Hence a total direct cost to this smoker for a year is (RM3650.00 + RM2500) = RM6150.

(Note: Shahrul did name the school in his initial post see [screenshot]. In his second post, photo and school name had been duly removed and edited. We obliged to duly removing the school name. Thank for all the comments – we appreciate it. Rubiah threatening us won’t solve the problem. We’re willing to publish your proper comment mail them to us at [email protected])

[ PHOTOS ] of clogged drains at Taman Bamboo, Tanjung Batu

Taman Bamboo – Photo: Nicholas Manai

Numerous complaints had been posted on Facebook, local media about this persistent problem of clogged drains around Bintulu.

In some cases, such drains were quickly cleaned by the local authority, while in most cases it might takes sometimes.

However it worth noting that complainants should also forward their complaints directly to BDA and request for follow up.

Continue reading [ PHOTOS ] of clogged drains at Taman Bamboo, Tanjung Batu

Personal feuds made public in the realm of social media

Suzie Kulleh police report lodged with Kota Samarahan police station.

In this era of social media personal feuds that begin in the real world could extend it arms into the realm of cyberworld.

Two police reports were lodged separately yesterday at two ends of the State – in Kota Samarahan and Lutong allegedly over ‘threats’ posted on Facebook.

At Kota Samarahan Suzie Kulleh lodged a police report after receiving threat from another Facebook users named Mafri Iboi.

Mafri Iboi later identified by Suzie as one Mohammad Azfil, allegedly working at Petronas-Bintulu.

Mafri Iboi aka Mohammad Azfil posted a comment that read: “Kamu takut mati ka suzie? saya jumpa bomoh kasi santau sama kamu sampai mati mau ka?” – “Do you afraid to die Suzie? I’ll see a shaman to ‘santau‘ or [put a spell] on you to die, do you want that?”

Northeast of Bintulu, in Miri a public spat between two Facebook users Suzie Yanti and Nur Cahaya were heating up.

Nur Cahaya fired up the first salvo by lodging a police report at Lutong Police Station, alleging Suzie Yanti among others “defaming, threatening” her. See copy of the police report below.

The feud between Nur Cahaya and Suzie Yanti had accumulated nearly a thousand comments over at MiriCommunity Facebook group.

Nur Cahaya and Suzie Yanti feud that goes beyond What’s Up and Facebook – to Police station.
Nur Cahaya police report lodged at Lutong Police station.