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Azizul Ammar, producer Abdul Ghani charged for Insulting Watson Nyambek

It’s “Dayung Timungun or Sangon” not “Kumang” says Bidayuh Minister

Kidurong club water theme park opens, but for club members only

Happy Gawai, Harvest Festival to all the Dayaks in Sarawak

The microscopic mites that live on your face

Pre dawn fire destroyed a two stories shophouse at Jalan Abang Galau

Rough guide driving from Kanowit to Kapit by road this Gawai holidays

Is this too much? Rice + Sotong + Udang + Kangkung cost RM32?

No land, Govt can’t build 2,000 units PR1MA homes for Bintulu

Proton sold to Chinese automaker Geely

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